Htes (self M.O.C) V2

I thought it was time to give my self moc a revamp, his whole body was changed to give him a skinny, lean feel, as he wear’s an adapted kanohi Kakama. As a Po-Matoran, Htes was a bit of a trouble maker, as theives are not regarded well in any city, he stole many things, and eventually became a habit. That is until tahu toa of fire came to him with a toa stone with a propesition for a new chance,Tahu believed that deep down Htes did not just worry about himself. From that moment Htes became a fun loving toa of stone, he not only gave up his habit of stealing and theft but also became a trusted team mate of the Spherus, Zerak may not agree with all the things Htes does, but trusts him with his life, and Nyrac, well she hates him but when it comes to facing danger, she will fight along side her brothers until the end.
(that bio is pretty lame but whatever)
I do feel that his proportions are short, especially his legs, but i really like the way the body shaped out, and those 2015 bone pieces may be not be the best idea to use on a LIVING character, but I tried to give him a more agile and mechanical feel (even if he is mostly mechanical and I probably didn’t need to put them there, but I can always change that). this version was hard to make as my brain was tortured in having to find a better build than the previous one, so don’t expect a version three any time soon.


needs gold in the arms, ad a bit more green


Wait… Did he stole the Mask of Life?
Anyway, about the bone pieces, you can make an undead version of Htes. It can be really cool!


hmm, never thought about making one, i’ll give it a try and see what I come up with.
and he may or may not have stolen the Ignika, but the importer thing is that he is giving it back!


what kind of camera did you use? The MOC is good, but the photo quality is horrible.

Some kind of Sony camera, I found the camera’s tripod just recently so in future i’ll use that, so keep in mind that some of my photo’s are taken unprofessionally, and I’m not the best when it comes to taking photo’s.

I am very curious about how the skeleton form will looks like.

any suggestions on the matter?

Yeah! You can use Pohatu Uniter’s Golden Mask of Stone Unity. Replace the two Ekimu style armor with golden 2015 Skeleton armor (From Skull Basher/Grinder/Slicer/Warior’s arm), put a Skeleton Torso Armor and… I don’t know, everything you got! The only think I personally want from this Moc is to look like his alive form.
Good Luck!

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It’s not that the photos are blurry or anything, a tripod wouldn’t really help. But the photos are grainy and overexposed. Are you brightening the photos in post? what kind of lighting are you using? You din’t have to be a professional to take descent photos, and I just want to help out. I see this problem in most of the MOCs you post.

ah okay, well I just use the window’s 10 picture edit, nothing fancy, I would use Photoshop but I don’t know how to and yes I do brighten up the photo’s. is there another program you would recommend for editing photo?

Ah, that makes sense, when you edit the brightness in afterwards, it makes the photos grainy like you see here. It also messes with the saturation, which explains why the colors are so bright.

Here is a photo a took in the light

And here is a photo I took in the dark and then brightened

See the similarities?

For photos I recommend having a descent source of light.
Natural light is the best, but you have to take photos at a certain time of day, and the light doesn’t always shine in the right way. Room lights aren’t so good as they usually don’t focus on your MOC, and mostly have a yellow tinge.

I recommend using a desk lamp, or two. With blue-light fluorescent lightbulbs.



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Nice moc. This guy looks like one cool dude.

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I appreciate the unique look, the legs should be longer and the torso should be shorter, as well as the chest plate looks really low.
Is there a reason why the arms have no gold at all? like even the fingers being gold would help a little bit if you want to keep them dark.
Also I’m really not digging the thumbs, a tap piece with another one of those fingers would work fine, as well as a T-bar for the rest of the hand. (its just the standard hand build but thats for good reason)

I really like the things on his back too.

Story wise I think that him completely dropping his thieving instantly is a bit strange, (if you want to actually write for this story) it would be an interesting story arc to have him deal with it slowly and it causing some trust issues with some members of his team who don’t think he should be a toa or thing lesser of him or something.

I will put more stuff into his back story when I actually put some effort into the stories and stuff, I don’t want to spoil everything yet and I will add something like what you said where there are some serious trust issues along the way.He doesn’t drop his habits straight away (probably should have said that oh well). thanks for the feed back of the construction! and lack of gold on his arms is because I lack gold parts in general, I liked the look of his legs and I didn’t want to sacrifice their colours, so the arms came off second best.

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Nice work with the name. I have to say, though, a bit more gold and green would make this MOC spectacular.

Iv’e recently given it minor changes since this post, though I don’t have enough green to put on him, but thanks!, I assume you know why I named him Htes?

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Is an answer necessary? XD But yeah. Makes perfect sense. My self-MOC’s name is an anagram of ‘fire’, so I’m not one to talk.

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Updated photo and moc