I rarely have tests but I have a bunch of math crap to catch up on


Finals are coming up bois


Had the AP World history test a few days ago, was easier than I thought

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He’s banned but it’s worse at my school

If you bully someone it isn’t even detention! The teacher will just tell you ‘dont do it again’ or tell the person being bullied to ‘man up’ or ‘deal with it yourself’

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I would, but no one has given me anything to do.

Sounds like a stereotypical school team project :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, it’s the Bionicle Eternal project.

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I figured as much (though thanks for calling out the actual name, I’ll prob check it out).

I was just making a dig at how class projects in the North American public school systems more often than not wind up hilariously unbalanced with 1 or 2 out of the four assigned team-members doing most of the work.

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I’m starting school early in preparation for a trip. I’m excited to do well. I’m taking chemistry and have received tips to help me learn stuff easier.

What kinda tips? I read a great book on studying this past year and am interested in comparing notes.

Mine are specifically related to chemistry but if you still want to know, let me know.

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So… stuff like this?

Or this?

Oh, heck no. My tip is to think of everything as spaceships.

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I’m intrigued. Please elaborate.

I wish I could but this is all I heard. I think it has to do with remembering stuff like the shape of a molecule.

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Hrm… maybe how different atoms affect the qualities of atoms? Like the different systems of a ship?

Possibly. Guess I’ll find out later.

I skipped geometry in middle and early high school so I’m taking it this year and it’s a breeze

I wish you the best o luck. I hope they explain proofs to you better than they did me.