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@Toa_Radrix, okay so.

You left when our Heroes were planning on making their way to Cloudia by horses. So that was that they were going towards Cloudia but meanwhile that was happening, back in Cloudia. Lord Bloodfang showed up with Xaio and they disguised themselves as ordinary people or at least mysterious ones at that.

While they looked mysterious they didn’t look dangerous so the Cloudian Knights didn’t suspect a thing and they let them pass. Bloodfang lies that he needs help from Cloudia and meets with her in the royal building where the Queen lives.

They have a short discussion before Bloodfang reveals himself as being the Dragon Lord of Dragopia. He goes on about telling her how she is wrong and explained pretty much his whole vision and the world problems that are a thing, thus having a few valid points, it was a back and forth at each other.

Bloodfang could have easily killed her but didn’t, because he is a man of honor and he would have rather had her die with a sword, armor, and shield on her than just some royal clothes on her. So he lets her live and Bloodfang prepares himself to take on our Heroes which have arrived and saw Cloudia already in battle with the Undead Army of Knights which he disguised with a strong illusion spell not even they were able to notice.

While Bloodfang prepares himself, Xaio goes around Cloudia and searches for TIara’s shield, that was his primary job while Bloodfang was a distraction. Our heroes make their way through the undead knights but then they fight against Bloodfang.

Our Heroes did their best to stand their ground but eventually, Bloodfang overpowered them quickly. A few character moments happened that I can recall, it was Will, who had his mask broken by Bloodfang, now the handsome boy is maskless. He also pretty much showed everyone that he is a dual-wielding swordsman and that he is darn good at it.

He and Siansa with the Warhammer try to stand a chance against Bloodfang, causing a few injuries to him, even cracking his armor up, which I think its a big achievement since it is so early in the RP. But eventually, our heroes experience their first loss as Bloodfang had an ace up his sleeves which were the Sunlight Blade.

He used a weapons art, which was the Sunlight Blade, and it pretty much blinded our heroes and were about to get a bit toasted if not for Lanmo using his shield to protect them this time. Bloodfang and Xaio leave with Tiara’s Shield and later that day they had a meeting where Bloodfang discussed with his servants that this wasn’t the time for making mistakes, they needed to be vigilante and they needed to have their eyes opened, so now pretty much the Antagonists are out for blood, aka trying to kill you if they get the chance.

Now our heroes need a bit of a push to learn how to work together and they pretty much are recovering from their last battle, now it is morning, I’ve just time skipped so you can fit your character in the mixture as well. Say he was there already, just to save us some hassle.

Also if you are interested in his servants, I have made character sheets.

Servants of Lord Bloodfang.

Michael Bloodfang and Katelyn Bloodfang’s character sheets.

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Name: Deluge

Alias: N/A

Alignment: Unaligned

Affiliation: No particular group

Home: The tundras surrounding the ice kingdom

Race: Water genasi

Gender: Male

Age: 44

Apparent Age: late twenties to early thirties

Eyes: white irises

Skin: pallid, faintly tinged blue and seemingly constantly damp to a degree

Height: 6ft 2 inches

Weight: 175lbs

Build: large and stocky

Hair: kept short and trimmed, always has beads of moisture on it.

Appearance: wrapped up in thick white “salamander fur” clothes with a pair of reflective googles and and underlayer of armour made from a curious black material

Accessories: goggles to prevent snow blindness

Personality: somewhat crass and blunt, has difficulty reading the mood and the emotions of others

Equipment and Weapons: Shuko and ashuko (palm claws and foot claws respectively) that are used as crampons, climbing claws or simple slashing weapons as well as this they carry a barbed harpoon for stabbing fish and people. Their “salamander fur” clothing is as one would expect is fireproof and heat resistant. The curious black clothing under the “fur” is a strange material that prevents water from permeating their clothes, and locking water in them.

Powers and Abilities: As with all water genasi Deluge has a resistance to acid and swimming speed greater than that of any human, as well as this they have the power to magically shape water as well as cryomancy, which they use to form structures of ice, clouds of chilling mist or protective barriers.

Backstory: A mercenary from a fishing village in the tundras, one who left home after discovering their mysterious clothes. They traveled around seeking jobs, and over time developing two things, a reputation as a mercenary who would do their job but wouldn’t do so cleanly, as well as a nasty cough.

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@Bramsley I thought, Aldrich would have told them about where he came from in the beginning, like off screen that he came from the Forbidden Lands, if he did not than I am not responsible for you not making it clear that he didn’t say it.

Also @Ruh accepted.

He shouldn’t have to make what he didn’t do clear. It should be assumed he didn’t do something unless stated otherwise.


No worries; Aldrich is relatively secretive and likely would only have told the group his name and he he was a priest of Fran’s order at most.

Yeah, he should, because my guys wouldn’t have recruited you without knowing a few things first. It’s logic.


Quick question: Would I be able to add general Terramancy to Reyna’s power list? Not accessible as of now, due to her amnesia this power has been locked away, but for possible rediscovering later?

Explain me what she can do with this “Terramancy” first please.

Limited control over earth, dust, and stone around her.

She can control land around her, though only amounts up to the size of maybe a decent sized boulder at one time, can control any dust in the air and form them into compacted rocks, and control small amounts of stone that are further from her.

Everyone else: panicking about Fran
Sapphire owls: snack time


Well, she has become a bit of a favorite of mine.


Daww you’re going to make me blush

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She’s become one of mine and Reyna’s too.

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Reads overwhelmingly emotional responses.
“Hmm did I go too far?”


So is she dead?

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@Runa yeah okay.

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No, thankfully she didn’t go that far

why do I feel like Fran is shedding her “skin” in a similar fashion to a snake after just reading through all of this.


This stuff is freaking me out personally.

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