THE ELITE SIX (BIONICLE Canon Contest #3: Honor Guard, part 2)

Alternative colour schemes.

Here is another version with copper Gaaki and green Bomonga they seemed to be very popular. This one is just for fun, the actual entry is the first one.

Alright, after many, MANY hours of work it is finally here my entry for the Toa Hagah contest. It was a tough challenge and for moments I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish it, but here it is. Not gonna lie it was a crapload of work, drawing six characters, all of whom have spears and shields, and also making a cool artwork while also showing their designs was really time consuming but It was well worth it, plus the art style I went for made it tougher xD.

Anyway, as you can see I went for a 2/2/1/1 split, I wanted Kualus and Pouks to be blue, like many people, but in this particular case I think Pouks being gunmetal makes him look 100 times better I really like how the original moc looks like, so I just went with gunmetal Pouks and blue Kualus, maybe that is a dealbreaker for some people but I think they look really awesome this way. The masks as you can see are the same, except for Gaaki, I didn’t like how the original looked so I changed it for this one created by vahki6. I also changed the spear tip for Pouks, the original looked, in my opinion, out of place so I made a new one myself following that “spiky” theme. I originally wanted to put Teridax in the background, but due to time that was not possible, so I just did a simple sunset background with a couple of Nui Ramas for extra detail, lets imagine they are in Metru Nui or something xD I hope you all like it.

Here are some extra pictures if you wanna have a closer look at each character, as well as all the links to the masks.




Also here is the spear tip:


MASK: Heroes of The Lost [MASK PACK #5] by Galva - Thingiverse


MASK: Toa Hagah Kanohi Collection by vahki6 - Thingiverse



Well that is all I got for now, I hope you like it, if you do please vote for it :smiley:
Thanks to all the original creators of the Mocs, thanks to @KanohiReqi for providing some amazing reference images for metallic textures, and thanks to the TTV for hosting this contest and to all of you as well.

  • Added shields to both Iruini and Kualus on their backs

  • Changed Gaaki’s eye colour from orange to yellow.

  • Changed Kualus’ upper arms from white to black.

  • Increased saturation on Kualus’ armor.

  • Minor changes to Norik’s mask.

  • Minor colour adjustments.


First like!
I like the line up, it is a good way to show all of them not obscured, I like Bomonga’s pose especially.

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You’re welcome! One thing that bugs me is that Kualus looks too much like silver and I didn’t notice the blue until the I read the description

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Yeah at first glance it is kinda hard to see, is it too late to change it? that is an easy fix.

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Entries are down 3 days from now so yeah you have enough time

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Very nice job here. I especially like the art style.

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That spear tip doesn’t have an axle :scream:

Jokes aside, good work. It is not the color distribution that I want, but they do look well. I would recomend increase the saturation in Kualus to make him look more blue. Since they haven’t confirmed any entry yet, I think you are free to make all the changes that you consider necesary.


An entry which goes by one of my masks ? You got my gratitude, and my vote


This is a great entry, lovely art and good job keeping the original color scheme. It’s either that or 6/1 for me :laughing: Best of luck!


I like how you kept the metal colors the same! The spear tip for Pouks is fascinating. It’s better than the original Cragger piece

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Thank you, it really is an awesome mask!

Thank you so much for entering! Unfortunately, we’ve detected an issue regarding adherence to the contest rules. The current version of your artwork is missing the shields from both Kualus and Iruini, which constitutes a significant omission from the original models. In addition, Gaaki’ eyes (and by extension the heartlight as well) need to match the eye color of the original model. If you could please add the shields and correct the eye color within the next seven days, your entry will be fully accepted and move on to the polls!

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This is ridiculous, I finished my entry months ago, even before the original deadline was extended, no one, absolutely no one said anything about the shields or the eyes, had the deadline not been extended it would have advanced to the polls, and now out of freaking nowhere I have to go back and fix these “issues”, the eye colour is an easy fix but the shields require to change the composition of the art piece, I mean where exactly do you want me to put kualus’ shield, and I don’t understand why Iruini’s shield is necessary. I will fix the eye colour but the shields I can’t promess I will be able to make them. This is absurd.


Ttv’s contests have been handled in the worst way imaginable. I wish the whole thing would just be put out of its misery.


do you have any ideas on how to improve them then?

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Yea that’s what the putting it out of its misery part means


Agreed, this is some nonsense, in two months no one told me “hey man there is this issue” I was one of the few that finished before the original deadline this is really unfair.


In the interest of being constructive, I will point out that, per the rules, the shields can be attached to the Toa’s back. That would likely be the easiest way to have them shown without having to massively redraw the piece.


To add to my fellow auditor’s response, the reason why you were not notified before is quite simple - the auditing process only started recently for all of the entries. All entrants are being handled fairly and equally under the same rules. The omission of shields breaks the following rule:

4e. Artwork cannot significantly modify the aesthetics of the original MOC, either by omission or addition, and must follow the color scheme of the original MOC as closely as possible. For example, additional limbs or significant color shifts would not be allowed.


Per TheJerminator’s response to Blue’s entry:

I have to ask, why ask for Iruini to be fixed as well when Blue was not asked to fix either Iruini or Norik, even though neither of their shields are shown there? If it is because Norik and Iruini are not an issue, then why ask for it of B3njix? If it is because they could still be holding their shields in their other hands, which are out of frame, can’t the same be said of B3njix’s Kualus here?