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You could make it so that Laslow died/dies in the battle.

For context sake, this is what I have in mind for the mass driver cannons Fortress has.

Obviously it’s way, way, waaaaay smaller. But a similar concept. Magnetically propelled projectiles, hurled with astonishing speed and accuracy. Intended purely for anti aircraft, firing one at closer ranges, (like what just did) could potentially be very dangerous.

Trying to aim these things without the targeting visor is a pipe dream to say the least.

And there’s also a significant cool down period between firings.


I figured that was what you were going for.

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Alright. Just wanted to be safe.


This is some Undertale level of flavor text, and it’s amazing.

Though I might be thinking that largely because I’ve been playing Undertale a lot recently, but hey who really knows?


Alright, now that you guys have the Green Key, there’s gonna be a quick fight with some predacons, followed by some time to give y’all’s characters some loot, then that’ll be about it for this planet.


For clarification, Llun wants to use the generator of the Nemesis to blow it up and more less self-destruct

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I figured that was Llun’s plan, and I’ll warn you that he doesn’t have much of a chance of pulling that off.

tbh my biggest worry would be escaping it before it blows up. The radar should be useful enough to make him wary of the enemies around him.

Uh, no. You have to react to the attack as it happens, not try and retcon it.

Hope I didn’t miss anything, was quite busy with my schedule. Since I have quarantine and I have a homework plan, I gotta keep that in check plus I had other stuff down the line. Apology for inactivty.

Alright. Sorry. I’ll fix it.

[spoiler]Me: drops character into RP

also Me: doesn’t know where anything is, helps a big bot

also also Me: sees big ship dropping loads of Asrar 2 the Electric Boogaloo

also also also ME: wants to blow up big ship

also also also ALSO ME: too suicidal to blow up big ship

Me: sadness because wanted fireworks[/spoiler]



Well… That could have gone better.


At least the Predaking’s depth perception’s a bit wonky now

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A hand for an eye as they always say.

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Here is a main gripe I have. It’s an opinion, so take it as such.

From places I’ve been and whatnot, when people collabed together. They usually waited for everyone to respond but I see that some people here don’t have the same courtesy. Meaning, Meepinater was collabing with me, to essentially get the third omega key. Now, I do understand that this Roleplay has been going on for almost a year. But, that’s what usually big Roleplays like this take. It wouldn’t end in a few months, not if you want a good story and narrative.

If you take this narratively, what happened there with the Trials. It looks awkward and unreadable. Because, if you think about it from a story perspective. Why wasn’t Scorchlock helping out? Why didn’t he do something? Why did he wait so long?

Because, at the end of the day, Roleplaying is nothing more than writing a story with the characters you make. I think this is pretty much obvious, now personally I find it disrespectful if somebody doesn’t wait for me, to reply in an important scene. Due to the fact, that I was busy and I couldn’t muster motivation or time to do so. Essentially, if I had to wait till a few others replied to collab I was in, then so be it, however, I know that narratively and story-wise it looks decent, smooth, and not awkward if you get what I mean.

You always do ask for constructive criticism and feedback Chrome here is mine. Now I do realize if we’d do this, the RP would be even slower, because of different time zones and people having busy schedules. But if we don’t do that, then why bother Roleplaying at all? Do you understand what I mean? Of course, we shouldn’t do this every time we collab, but key moments like this. Getting the omega-key, I would have appreciated if y’all waited. Because I give and expect the same courtesy with me.

Again, this is an opinion, take it as such.

I understand where you’re coming from, but at the same time, I personally didn’t think it would be fair to keep the rest of the players waiting when we were so close to getting the Green Key and moving on with the game. I do try to make sure everybody’s available before something important happens, but there are times when it just doesn’t pan out. I’ve been where you are right now, and it’s a bummer, but in the end you’ve just got to live with it and wait for the next time.

There’s still two more Omega Keys, and whatever the fifth piece of the Lock is (I know, of course, but I’m not telling), along with a few more surprises and events in store. You’ll be there to have Scorchlock participate in many of those, I’m sure.

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Yeah, I can tell that I’m essentially the only one with that kind of mentality. I personally do not find it unfair. I find that that one person should also enjoy the event, and not miss it just because he was in the minority. I suppose, I was fine with that way back then, but as I grow older and I find that storytelling is a crucial point to the RPs, I find it to be lackluster and awkward to see when someone is left behind because life was so unfortunate to them. I can’t change my feelings of being disrespected, again it’s an opinion.

And you never really know with the future. I hope I’ll be a little bit more motivated and have time to sit down and enjoy the RP as a whole. But, my advice, you should also keep an eye on the Roleplay as a story, since you understand what I mean. Not always, but from time to time. I’ve expressed my views and I accept that I’m initially the only one person who thinks so. But freedom of speech is very important to me, and when I find like I want to address something, I will.

I’m aware that you simply had to do it, due to of how close you were and all of that. But personally, I wish that everyone could enjoy the story and RP and the beautiful thing that has come out of your Roleplay. Sure, it may not be perfect, but as a story it holds up, of course, it can always be better. But you know my opinion, I’d rather wait and have everyone be there. Anyway, I’m glad you took my opinion well and so far, I’ll keep an eye out and if I have any feedback to give, I will.

Thank you for understanding and for speaking your mind.

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Is it alright if I add Laslow’s replacement character now?