Transformers: Salvation Signup and OOC Discussion Topic

Yeah, Pixel is basically made of LEGO bricks.

Broadwing took the blue key. Not the green one.

He took a Key, that’s what the Angelicons freaked out about.

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This is what I had in mind when I picked out the new beast mode. Starchaser’s biggest thing is flying, and that’s been clearly reflected (I hope at least) in her behavior and her altmodes. The space fighter and helicopter are military afair. Necessary for the job. But the prop-fighter is her own. A signature almost.

She owns the skies. The air is her domain. So when I thought to give her a beast mode, it had to be special. And this immediately came to mind.

A serpentine dragon that doesn’t fly, so much as dance through the air. The absolute peak of airborne grace and agility. It fits her perfectly.

And you know I already have a theme picked out that she’ll be blasting the first time this goes out into battle.

@Chromeharpoon le question. How possible would it be to incorporate mass shifting element into her new beast mode? Nothing drastic. Maybe just a double in size. Perhaps a bit smaller if necessary.

And perhaps there could be a drawback if that helps? In her larger state she could be a lot more aggressive, almost feral if left that way for too long. Being prone to friendly fire if agitated.

Just an idea I’m tossing out there. I just feel that a serpent dragon like this would be a lot more intimidating and effective if its bigger than a jet.


None of the vendors on Salvation currently have that technology available. That doesn’t mean it can’t be found later, though.

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Alright. Thanks.

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Huh? What does this mean?

My guess is that the character is either bullcrapping or has actually recovered stuff from below some kind of oceanic environment.

“Wetworks” is a euphemism for spywork/assassination. Sprocket was making a pun; he isn’t a spy, but he has done “wet work” (exploring oceans for Golden Age artifacts).

I got the first half, I just wasn’t sure if the second half was code for something.

Oh, my bad. Yeah, Conventus is a planet I made for the sake of PC origins/traits. It’s surface is mostly water, with a few island chains that cybertronian colonists have built cities on.

Ah, gatcha.

Now I really want to make a character that’s just a boat and nothing else


There’s nothing stopping you.

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Okay, I know someone’s already made this joke. Hell I’m think I might have already made this joke. But it has been nagging at my brain, and so it must be done!


Our world is in danger!
To save it and the galaxy
We must find the four Omega Keys
Before the New Decepticons can use them for evil.
It is our mission!

Transform and roll out!


Aight, since eye color’s become one of the important leads in finding the spy, I’ll make a list here of what all the NPC’s eyes look like:

  • Topside’s eyes are a bright red, with white irises in the middle.

  • ■■■■■■■■■■■■’s eyes are ice blue. They’re round, lense-like devices like what the movieverse transformers have.

  • We don’t know what color Motherboard’s eyes are- if she even has proper eyes under that visor, and not some other device that lets her see.

  • Broadband’s eyes are yellow, with no visible irises or pupils.

  • Flyby and Brakeswitch both have pink lightish red light red eyes, whit no visible irises or pupils.

  • Forcep’s eyes are a minty green color, with white irises.

  • Sprocket has movieverse style eyes, like ■■■■■■■■■■■■. They’re yellow, like Broadband’s.

  • Grommet’s left eye is lime green. He lost his right eye in a siege and had it replaced with a telescopic prosthetic that has a ruby red glow.

  • Greasemonkey’s left eye is a pale yellow, with no visible iris. Like Grommet, his right eye was damaged and replaced with a prosthetic, which glows blue.

  • Thrift’s eyes glow a dark shade of blue, with no visible irises.

  • Facelift’s eye is a single yellow bulb with a white pupil in it’s center.

  • Salvo’s eyes are pale blue, and her mech suit has a visor over it’s face- like Motherboard, we don’t yet know if it even has eyes under there.

  • Halfrunner has dark blue, movieverse-style eyes.

  • Lurch’s eyes are ruby red- the same as the spy’s. That’s why he was the primary suspect in the first place.

  • Shockwave’s eye is a large bulb, like those security cameras you sometimes see in schools or public buildings. It’s blood-red, notably deeper than the spy’s and Lurch’s.

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So, what we’re looking for is someone who has red sunglasses…


With all seriousness, I feel that the color of the eyes may easily be a red herring, or perhaps our biggest clue yet. I don’t know how far this spy would go to disguise themselves from people who don’t know who they are, but if they had access to excess eyes and skill to replace their own, they could betray this eye color theory. This would suggest Forcep, which would be a terrifying spy, as his job as a medic could mean that he has compromised anyone who has ever gone to him for medical aid.

However, I also kinda doubt this because I am just throwing stuff out there that I, who am entirely perplexed about this, am thinking.

It’s going to be so great when Chrome reveals him/her and goes, “I gave you all of the clues, you just didn’t focus on the right ones.”


There are two things I can say right now concerning the spy:

1). Whoever they are, they won’t be some rando you’ve never met before prior to their reveal. It’ll be a named NPC that’s interacted with player characters multiple times before. Having you guys chase red herrings before revealing that it was some goon your characters had no idea existed would be bad GM-ing on my part, and I wouldn’t do that to you guys.

2). I said previously that I wasn’t ready to have the spy revealed just yet- he still needed to be providing intel to the New Decepticons so that they could hunt you guys. Well, pretty soon Bludgeon’s gonna find an alternative way to track Salvation; he won’t need to depend on his spy to give him your location anymore. He’ll still have his uses in sowing chaos within the ship (like he’s about to do with the assassin he woke up), but at this point, if you guys play your cards right, it’s possible that you could catch the spy before I eventually reveal their identity.

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It’s okay if you don’t know what I’m talking about. You all will find out soon…

This just… isn’t right. That dragon mode would not have made Starchaser as nigh-invulnerable as your making her out to be here, nor would her armor have been that durable in the first place. A rocket to the face would be more likely to send her into stasis lock, if not kill her outright.

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