Volah V2

The original version of Volah can be found on MOCpages (www.moc-pages.com/moc.php/452097)

Name: Volah
Species: Vo-Matoran
Element: Lightning (resistance to electric shock)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Adventurer, merchant
Kanohi: Powerless Huna
Home Island: Vaha Nui (my storyline island)
Equipment: Bottle of Antidemis
Description: Most of Volah’s fellow Vo-Matoran think that she’s crazy, since she talks to herself. Little do those Matoran know, Volah is really talking to the bottle of Antidermis, which used to be a Makuta. No one truly knows how she acquired the Antidermis, though Volah claims that she shattered the Makuta’s armor in battle.

Volah enjoys searching the old battlegrounds of the Vaha Nui Civil War (more on that later) for lost weapons and Kanohi, which she later sells to her fellow villagers.

Here’s a basic front view. I wish I could’ve made the legs bend, but I couldn’t find any good designs

To make up for that, her arms were designed so she could fold them :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s an alternate mask. Personally, I prefer the Noble Huna.

I recently built my own version of the Dark Hunter, Tyrant. For some odd reason, I took a picture of Volah riding him :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that concludes my first post here. I would’ve posted my self-MOC, but I’m still working on his most recent version. Anyway, thanks for viewing!


No! Someone got to the bottle of antidermis idea first!!

Anyway, very nice little matoran. I agree, the Huna looks better. The only thing she needs is a thumb.

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And I just noticed the typo in the post. I wonder if there’s any way to edit that out…

The edit button.

Thanks! I would’ve added thumbs, but I didn’t have enough robot arms for that.

I know that feeling. I’m not that good at making moveable fingers myself. I usually just use the stock hands.

Okay. I was looking for the edit button, but I didn’t find it until just now.

okay. How new are you? Or has it just been awhile?

I just joined this afternoon. However, I was on the Lego galleries for a while (until they closed, that is…).

AH!!! A Fellow Gallerian! Nice to see you! Hows it been? Might I have known you on the GG’s?

I wasn’t on the GG, but I think you commented on my self-MOC (Voltstorm) when I posted him on the Bionicle Gallery. My username was MasterChen7677.

Might have. It’s been a while. Quite a few of the old Gallerians are here. Jayzor17, Rocka99, not to mention a few others.

I think I remember seeing them back when I just watched the GG. I just wish I got my Gallery account before the GG closed…

yeah. The GG’s were fun. What was your user name on BG’s?

I love little mocs like this with so much character. Great job dude. And welcome to the boards.

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Nice little matoran. Also that picture where he rides the dark hunter is pretty cool.

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Thank you! Yeah, I enjoyed taking that picture.

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Very nice detailing.

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