#2: Voli, Toa of Lightning (Biowave Project)

#The Biowave Project: The Toa Takha Rebuilt

Revived and upgraded, the Toa Takha have been tasked with retrieving the legendary Mask of Life, which once again poses an imminent threat to the Matoran. But a new Toa team shares the same mission, and neither one is willing to hand it over - not without a fight.

#Part 2: Voli, Toa of Lightning

Voli is by far the most destructive Toa in her team, and perhaps even in all of Artakha’s Twelve. The combination of her element and Kanohi allows Voli to rain down lightning from above; and to give her the freedom to use her powers without restraint, she demands space from her allies, and as a result is not one for working in teams.

See Voli’s original build here.


The Toa Takha return in the latest installment in the Biowave Project’s series of sets. With more polished builds and distinct themes, these new Toa aim to improve upon the project’s original Toa building system.

Name: Voli
Element: Lightning
Theme: The Warlock
Weapons: Lightning Staff, lightning bolt
Main Adversary: Vhisola
Approximate Parts Count: 170
Functions: Swinging waist
Inspiration: Destiny Warlock (aesthetic)
Acknowledgements: Promotional poster by @Xeros610

###Vhisola vs. Voli: Who Wins?

  • Voli
  • Vhisola
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Voli is a user of the destructive element of Lightning, and as such takes on the theme of the Warlock. Her build is inspired by the Destiny characters of the same title, and includes the long cloak and raised collar of many fictional wizard-like characters.

Weapon Stored:

Check out the video below to see the set being built:

Thumbnail by @Xeros610, music by @Cazapar


Voli features one function: a swiveling waist.

Check out the video below to see these functions in action:

Thumbnail by @Xeros610, music by @Cazapar

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  • Avani, Toa of Light
  • Voli, Toa of Lightning
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Still wonder if maybe removing the silver from the colour scheme might not have looked better.

Otherwise Voli looks really solid from the front, but I find the back a little lacking. The gappiness on the lower back of the torso of course is due to the function, but the skirt and that Nuva armor collar don’t look very good from the back in my opinion.

I like that staff, though. Also that colour scheme is so much better than on the Mata build.

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I love all the detail in this. The spear has to be my favorite part, though.


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I feel like this is the weakest of the toa you’ve built. There seems to be too much happening, with the 4 colors and weird textures. Also, the shoulders seem quite wide. This is still a pretty good moc tho, and I really like the idea of going with common RPG roles.

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For some reason the proportions seem off for me.

You ripped off Volu I see :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, good MoC! Maybe would be a bit better without the cloak or whatever, but I like her very much.

I’ve never heard of this Volu you speak of :stuck_out_tongue:

I think if the cloak was made of fabric the concerns people had with the colour scheme would be less extreme, however I consider that to be her defining feature.

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