Ambition - Kalmah's court [Story, characters, worldbuilding] PG13

Hello! This is my second short story for my concept of barraki warlords from this pitch. The first one being Pride.
I would advise you to read these two threads before this one, if you did, good for you and thanks!

I also have to warn you that this is a bit darker story, as all Warlord Chronicles (as I decided to call them right here and now) will be.
Alright, let’s get to it!

A terrified cry rang through the dark, stone walls. Sounds of struggle and heavy steps followed. Then, there was a loud bump, as if something came crashing down onto the ground. And a growl, a horrifying, monstorous growl.

Kaipurta had been caught, arrested and thrown before it, that monster. Now, she has been truly doomed.

Rumors of punishments given to traitors ran among the Mangaians like a plague. It terrified all of them. How could she be that stupid to tamper with her life so much?

„Well, well. Kaipurta, and I have thought you were always loyal to me.“ The monster, sitting a throne of flaming red stone, said.

„I… I was, always! My king!“ the voice crumbeled as her throat was filled with tears. Even with that, her cries echoed through the castle’s walls, for none else spoke.

„Oh, truly?“ hoarse voice filled the room with fright. A servant handed a letter to the horrific warlord. Kaipurta felt her heart crack.

„What is this, then?“ smile creeped on the ugly face, bearing a disfigured mask. He opened the letter, smiling more and more as he read through the lines.

„A rebellion in south-east. Half of the army gone to defeat it. Kalmah still here. Less and less servants, more food for the hounds. Screams every night.“

Yes, this is her end. She will not even get a proper grave, no, she will be gone, made an example to all others as foolish as her.

„You are spying for Takadox?“ the warlord tilted his head in half-interest, half-amusement. „N- No, I would never even think of that!“ she lied.

„You think I am as stupid as that?!“ Kalmah roared. „This was found in your quarters!“

„S- someone m- must have placed it t- there…“ the shaking voice offered little persuation.

„You are insulting me!“ the warlord shouted out, a bit of laugh in his voice.
„Keeping the letter directly in your chambers, thinking that I will not notice? Come on, you are better than that! Or… Am I not threatening enough?“

It will soon be over. In suffering, screams, disguisting sounds and rumors of the Warlord’s cruelty following.

A servant placed a quill and a blank paper to his ruler’s hand. That terrifying smile creeping on the monster’s face again. „Go on.“ He stood up, taking long and slow steps towards Kaipurta. His large, disproportionate and ugly arm handing the items to her.

„Write Takadox your final message.“ The grin was so wide his lips could not fit in the hole of his mask.

Kaipura’s small, shaking hands took the items, starting to write her last words. „He found me. Told me to write this. I will be gone soon. I am sorry. -Kaipurta“ The writing was shaky and almost unreadable.

When the warlord took the letter, he nodded his head and started laughing. „How sweet. I never realized how cruel Takadox was,“ his blue eyes torn themselves from the letter and set upon her. His finger touched below her chin and forced to show her tearful eyes. „making little girls spy for him.“ He sighed. „Such an unnecesery loss of life. Be glad you do not spy on Carapar. My friend would letg you ‚live‘ for weeks before finally giving you the mercy ofer death. My solution will be much less painful, and much, much quicker.“

The monster walked back to his throne, the two magma hounds beside it already twitching in hunger for food. Kalmah took up the letter. „I will make sure it gets delivered, my dear. I will let Takadox know not to send any more of you. In fact, I will tell him that Mangai was destined to be the greatest of the kingdoms. And every kingdom needs to grow. I have always wanted to visit a tropical island of Naho.“ He smiled.

After that she heard his shout, growl of the magma hounds, then there was pain, her scream, and then only darkness.

Thank you for reading! If you have any feedback on your mind, please, write it down! I appriciate constructive critisism!
I wish you all a good day!


What’s up with all of the quotation marks?

Besides that, good story!

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