Brickonicle MOCs [Characters][Workshop][Non-Canon][Non-Pitch]

The following is NOT canonized by the TTV, nor is it a pitch of any kind. Do NOT use this post for brainstorming canon character; this is solely for non-canon Brickonicle MOC brainstorming.

For those who are interested, this thread will be for your very own character on Artakha. The following are rules when posting:

  1. Characters may live during any known time period. If you want your character to exist during a time before the first Toa, that is entirely allowed.
  2. Characters must be strictly background characters. They may not interfere with the plot or major characters, with the exception of having a distant to moderate relationship with them (Ex: a soldier serving Narmoto, a lesser Arbiter, a low-grade thief, an athlete defeated by Nilkuu, a servant of Izotor, a student of Korgot, etc.).
  3. Characters are allowed to have parentage from two different regions, but they must be of only one element (Ex: A Tiroan with a Nahoin mother/father is a Naho-Tiroan). This does not affect their elemental power, but it might slightly affect their appearance (secondary/tertiary colors), although this is not mandatory. Here are the possible combinations and colors, for those who might be interested:
  • Mangai-Naho: purple (secondary/tertiary).
  • Mangai-Kanae: light brown (secondary/tertiary)
  • Mangai-Motari: russet (reddish-brown, secondary/tertiary)
  • Mangai-Tiro: brown (secondary/tertiary)
  • Mangai-Ihu: lilac (secondary), pink (tertiary)
  • Naho-Kanae: light teal (secondary/tertiary)
  • Naho-Motari: mud (secondary/tertiary)
  • Naho-Tiro: teal (secondary/tertiary)
  • Naho-Ihu: cobalt blue (secondary), light blue (tertiary)
  • Kanae-Motari: light muddy green (secondary/tertiary)
  • Kanae-Tiro: green (secondary/tertiary)
  • Kanae-Ihu: pale light green (secondary/tertiary)
  • Motari-Tiro: muddy green (secondary/tertiary)
  • Motari-Ihu: light brown (secondary/tertiary)
  • Tiro-Ihu: light green (secondary/tertiary)
  1. Characters may wear any G1 mask (within reason, and excluding legendary masks). Because this is G3, the masks will not have any powers, and their designs will be altered to match G3’s overarching design. Masks will primarily be for aesthetics, but they can also be tied to a characteristic of the MOC or perhaps the MOC’s entire personality.
  2. No Toa (neither past nor future).
  3. If any of the five rules above are broken, the MOC may still be listed as long as it is marked “Non-Canon.”

Here are two census of the self-MOC population, element and region. Here are the categories:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Air
  • Sand
  • Earth
  • Ice
  • Lightning (Extinct, not including Voriki)
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  • Mangai
  • Naho
  • Kanae
  • Motara
  • Tiro
  • Ihu
  • Elisia (Destroyed)
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Here is my self-MOC as a template (pictures are optional). Please remember to type legibly and with proper grammar so that others can read it easily: Bokarda

Here is a list of all MOCs and self-MOCs with their own pages:
@Asriel: Valkyrie, Wärter (Self-MOC)
@Bokarda: Bokarda (Self-MOC)
@Inertiic: Marcol (Self-MOC)
@JediTimeLord824: Poraku (Self-MOC)
@Kardax: Kardax (Self-MOC)
@Stuubh: Partuka (Self-MOC)
@RAKRONDEWL: Ithelien (Self-MOC)
@SteampunkTahu: Gahkahn (Self-MOC) (Non-Canon), Gavan (Self-MOC)
@Toa_Vladin: Vladin (Self-MOC)
@UltimateMustacheX: Nuztro (Self-MOC)


I really like this idea. Finally, an excuse for me to make faxon😃

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Cool idea. I’ll have to think up my Motaran self.

So does the mask chosen reflect the G3 route of “physical augmentation” only but can look like any G1 mask? Or is this just any G1 mask/power?

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The mask is purely for aesthetics, but it also reflects part of a Matoran’s personality. I chose Faxon because of Bokarda’s kindred spirit with animals.

@Noupix: This post features various mask designs, including the Faxon (for Lesovikk).

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Woah dope idea. I’ll give this a shot I guess.

Also, is Lightning still a thing?

Updated version with Akaku

Name: Vel (Full name Vela)
Gender: Male
Age: 15-18

  • Strength - 7
  • Toughness - 8
  • Agility - 9
  • Mind - 10

Region: Tiro
Primary Occupation: Engineer
Secondary Occupation: Akilini
Tools: Akilini Staff, Stuffz for engineering
G1 Mask: You Decide what works best!
Akaku (Suggested by @Bokarda)
Komau (Suggested by Me and probably the real one.)
Personality: Active, Playful, Introverted, Inquisitive
Description: Vela is a Tiro-Kanae Engineer and Akilini Player with innate wind powers. Former student of Hamu, he is good friends with Nuparu and loves to make new things.
Background: Vel was born to a Kanae Father and Tiroan Mother. He lived about three years in Kanae before poverty hit his family hard and they had to move to Tiro. There, he became shy and introverted, and the only freindship he made there was with Nuparu. By the time he was 15, he enrolled in Huma’s two-year engineering courses and learned some pretty advanced techniques. He kind of was outcasted, but nowhere near as much as Nuparu.
Year 1: At the time that the island froze, Vela was busy helping Nuparu on the BOXOR project.
Year 2: During the civil war, he was one of the creators of Akilini, helping make the rules.


Lightning is a valid option, as long as you’re okay with dying. Voriki is the last of the Lightning Tribe.

Also, the template’s been updated (for reasons), so there’s a bit more to add.

Oh cool. I didn’t know that. Ima try to fix up the template.


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Sorry, last update on the template involving innate element. Last update, I swear :sweat_smile:!

I did that already lol

Kind of

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I just thought of the mask you could have. Akaku. I think it would work pretty well with the engineer theme.

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Somthing else that works is the Komau.

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Whatever G1 mask you want to wear (within reason, and of course translated into G3’s designs) is entirely up to you :grinning:

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This is a fun idea, maybe even leading to some cameos in art and sets.
I took my name from the main antagonist of a story I was writing. He is imprisoned in a star but yet manages to create lesser forms of himself which he controls from said prison. So he doesn’t translate to well into a Brickonicle character as Annona and Makuta already utilize many of his characteristics.
That said, I am going to try and come up with a character that better matches my personality and fits in with the Brickonicle world.

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Can’t wait to see it. However, remember the guidelines in the initial post when devising your Self-MOC. I don’t want to affect the canon of the story unless any of the TTV Cast canonizes something from here.

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I’ve tweaked my image using TTV’s Toa design as a base, then making the body details based on Ven’s depiction of the Matoran.

Gender: Male
Age (Years 1-3): 25-27
Element: Stone
Region: Motara

  • Strength: 7
  • Toughness: 5
  • Agility: 8
  • Mind: 9
  • Primary Occupation: Carver
  • Secondary Occupation(s): Engineer, Chemist
  • Tool(s): Hammer and Chisel, Lightstones, Shovel, Flasks
  • G1 Mask: Kiril

Personality: Nuztro is relatively quiet and easy-going, though can be quite silver-tongued when needed. He likes to relax, and can often be seen travelling the desert on the back of a Husi bird. Due to his work, he often comes across caravans and the occasional raiding group. However, he retains a neutrality among them, having even bartered with both Hafu and Pouks.

Description: Nuztro is a Motaran carver. He also works as an engineer and chemist, though he is more of a “jack of all trades, master of none”. He often explores the desert for lightstones to run experiments or build new equipment. With his knowledge, he attempts to aid caravans that get damaged on their journeys.

Background: Nuztro grew up in a nomadic tribe, travelling the vast Motaran Desert. During this time, he learned of the various raiding groups that scoured the dunes. When the capital city was established, he and his family settled there. Over time, he began to travel the desert in search of lightstones and other goods. He eventually met and bartered with Ahkmou, who had recently overthrown Pouks. As a jest for the new gatekeeper, Nuztro nicknamed his Husi bird “Pouks”.

Year 1: When the island was frozen, Nuztro was traversing the desert on his Husi. Once unfrozen, he returned to the capital, where he learned of the Toa.

Year 2: As the Civil War drew close, Nuztro began helping caravans of Hafu, Valika, and Ahkmou in order to stay neutral among the three bosses. Eventually he started a ferrying service for Matoran of all regions, by leading them through the desert with his Husi. Since he wasn’t much of a fighter, he refused to side with any specific region, even his own.


I’m really liking these self-MOCS so far, and that Kiril looks amazing.

Paging @Noupix. You’ll like this design :slight_smile:.

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Mask and Matoran template by @Noupix
Sex: Male
Age: 20-22
Element: Ice
Region: Ihu

  • Strength: 7
  • Toughness: 6
  • Agility: 10
  • Mind: 9

Primary Occupation: District Guardian (Protector)
Secondary Occupation(s): Engineer, Weapon/Armor Smith
Tool(s): Sword, Shield
G1 Mask: Ruru
Personality: Analytical, Perceptive, Introverted*, Persevering, Virtuous, Stoic, Empathetic, Tactician.
Unique Features to Appearance: Blue eyes and black cloak with fur collar.
Description: Ithelien is a guardian of the north-western district of Ihu. He resides in the guardian outpost tower on the mountain overlooking the village he protects. Using his natural gifts of observation and keen sight, he patrols the outskirts of his designated area on a daily basis to ensure nothing is out of the ordinary. He spends his spare time refining his skills in martial arts and with the weapons he makes to the point few can beat him in single combat.
Background: Both of Ithelien’s parents died defending their King, Matoro, from an assassination attempt. Due to his parents noble act, Ithelien was accepted into the academy, which is usually reserved for those of noble families. He became a very accomplished student and was selected to be a guardian’s apprentice. During his service, he fell in love with a fellow apprentice. She was killed along with the guardian they served, in the Vako attack that claimed King Matoro’s life. Torn apart by his emotions, he isolates himself and only appears when the guardian is needed.

Year 1: When the island froze in time, Ithelien was fighting off a Vako attack on his village. When the island unfroze, he fought off several of the deadly Rahi but was overrun and lost many in his village. He lit the beacon for aid and hid the rest of his people in the ice caverns until help could arrive. The soldiers who answered his call for aid, helped him drive out the remaining Vako and evacuate the surviving citizens to the capital city where he learned of the Toa.

Year 2: During the civil war, he returned to his old post but as a lookout to signal Ihu upon any sightings of Mangai forces. He also made special weapons and armor for soldiers to best suit their fighting styles.

*His introverted nature is due to his lack of social skills, not because of a desire to be alone.


Me like :smiley:!

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I love the kiril and I can’t wait to use it for dekar. I also really like the characters here.


Here’s a design.

Its in the wrong color scheme, but recoloring is not a problem.
Ima work on the minifig.

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