Digital Constraction Collection

The Digital Constraction Collection (previously the Bionicle Database of Studio Models) is a single resource containing Studio models for Bionicle and other Constraction-related themes including:

  • Hero Factory
  • Slizers & Roboriders
  • Exo-Force
  • Other CCBS themes

These files are freely available. My hope is that this resource can be:

  1. A useful reference for fans who want to identify how models are built, and to easily create parts lists for uploading into Bricklink
  2. A springboard for other creative projects, be it artwork, animation, or your own MOCs/revamps!


I’m really excited to announce that this project has reached a significant milestone: We now have every standard Canister Set, Titan Set, Small Boxed Set, and Playset from Bionicle G1*!

*As far as can be built with currently available Studio parts

In addition, we have most of the official combiners and alternate builds, a good start on G2, as well as loads of sets for other Constraction or Constraction-related themes.

Ongoing work includes:

  • Building remaining G1 Combiners
  • Building G2 and other themes
  • Sourcing missing parts and updating placeholders
  • Creating decals and multicolored variants for the parts that require them
  • General QoL improvements, eg. corrections, documentation, consistent submodelling
  • Prototypes maybe?

If you have any files you think might be helpful, please PM me here or elsewhere, or email TammyCalamity [at]

Thanks so much to everyone who has donated their time and digital building skill to the project so far!

Keep on building,



So what are some of the boxed sets that are needed? I might be able to work on some when I have the time.

Currently everything from 2005-10. The main slowdown is the number of parts from those years not currently baked into Studio, and the more unique builds in later years.

I know almost all of those sets have been made by various people over the years, so I wanna get as much as we can first so we can focus energy on filling in the gaps

(or building in the gaps, amirite?? …oh)


BDSM… hmmmmm… Guess if this project will ever have a poster-picture, Roodaka will be in the middle of it.


The Bionicle Modeling server have a lot of sets made. You should check it out and ask if you can add those models to your repository.


I have a model of the Makuta set from 2003.

Is this needed? How can I add it to the database?

If you check the database, it’s already present. Finished models should be sent to Tammy’s inbox - check their video for info.

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This is incredible, but if I may ask, why is there a revamped Artakha Bull instead of the original one? Isn’t this meant to be accurate to the originals as closely as possible or that one has a particular reason to be there as a revamp, but not the original?

I’m glad you’re excited!

If we had a .io of the OG model it would be up there; It’s just the model we received as part of a collection, and I included it for now in case it was useful to someone (it might even help them recreate the OG model).

Once we have an accurate build of the original it’ll be updated, but there’s over 300 models and we’re all busy so any help is appreciated.

Ooh, this’ll be useful for a project I’m working on. Gotta have part counts for the individual models of the Rahi sets.

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Oops, forgot to update this. We’ve reached a major milestone in that we now have every standard Canister Set, Titan Set, Small Boxed Set, and Playset from Bionicle G1 built with currently available parts!

Thanks so much to everybody who has contributed to date!


Thank you so much. I’m currently using these for my fanzine (fan magazine) project. Thanks!

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When are the piraka spine pieces expected to be finished?


Unfortunately we’re dependant on the modelling community for the parts, and we aren’t gonna harass them for specific parts as it’s incredibly time-intensive.

The Piraka spines are particularly tricky due to the amount of flexibility. I know there’s been some discussions about how best to do them; either as multiple segmented sections, or as individual parts that connect to the existing flexible hose pieces. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the faces made as separate parts first, with the spines coming later.

TLDR - You’ll know when we know :slight_smile:


We could also have non-flexible versions in the meantime. They wouldn’t be very useful for MOCs, but at least they’d look good in the DCC.

Funny, I just heard that @Rothanak released a pack with Piraka parts: Rothanak's Piraka - Google Drive


Yeah, but they are segmented parts as mentioned before


Aight, thanks!

Timing be funny sometimes. Rothanak’s done an astounding job, and updated files have been uploaded!

I’ll work on making some subassemblies for easier use, but these are still gonna be complex limbs to pose.


Sweet! Looks amazing!

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