Mata Nui and His Sons [Worldbuilding][Pitch]

In a time before time lived the Great Spirit, Mata Nui. He was a benevolent and just Being that possessed divine authority, divine power, and the knowledge of existence. From His own Being, He bore three sons to embody His Will: Ekimu, Makuta, and Karzahni.

Ekimu was a creative soul, and often marveled with mouth agape whenever his Father brought something into being. His passion for creation stemmed from Mata Nui’s own passion to create.

Makuta was obsessive with everything he did, and would celebrate whenever he witnessed his Father’s authority reign over all things. His love of order stemmed from Mata Nui’s authority and providence.

Karzahni was always curious and would question his Father about everything he did and did not understand. His thirst for knowledge stemmed from Mata Nui’s all-knowing mind.

Together, Mata Nui and His sons shaped the universe, aligning the cosmos with fire and light to warm the cold debris that floating in the void. Through His sons, Mata Nui formed six Nuva, elemental beings unique from their siblings. Through Ekimu, he formed Uxar of the Sky and Akida of the Sea. Through Makuta, he formed Ikir of the Flames and Melum of the Tundra. Through Karzahni, he formed Terak of the Forest and Ketar of the Desert. There were other Nuva formed, but the brothers were unaware of their existence.

Under Construction [One day, the brothers decided to attempt to create something apart from their Father. They decided it would be a being that would aid their Father by creating things of its own. Ekimu poured into this being the creativity he possessed, so that it would be inventive and think in ways unthought. Makuta poured into this being the discipline and order he possessed, so that it would not grow too zealous in its creation. Karzahni poured into this being the curiosity for knowledge he possessed, so that it might learn without being told what to learn. They named this creature Annona.

Unknown to the brothers, they had mistakenly poured into Annona that which they were unaware of: overzealousness, unhealthy obsession, and greed. With these in place, Annona embodied the brothers’ strengths and weaknesses, something they did not see in her until it was too late.

Annona began to subjugate the celestial bodies to her will, mutating the flora and fauna to her twisted sense of creativity, dominating their minds with her desire for absolute control, and tearing into their very being for forbidden knowledge. Her actions were put to a halt as Mata Nui fought the monstrous creation, eventually defeating her and setting her afire, imprisoning her within the Sun, preventing her from awaking or escaping.

Upset with His sons, He scolded and reprimanded them for creating such a being. He punished them by stripping them of their powers over creation, authority, and knowledge, hoping they would learn from their mistakes before He would return their talents to them.]

The three brothers began to plot amongst themselves to overthrow their Father, believing they could do better than Him if they tried. They each agreed to fully take for themselves one of Mata Nui’s greatest qualities. Ekimu made a claim on Mata Nui’s power over creation, Makuta on His authority, and Karzahni on His knowledge.

Once they had made up their minds, the brothers attacked Mata Nui with raw, destructive power. His heart broken by the betrayal, Mata Nui refused to fight back, resulting in the brothers wounding Him and putting Him into a deep slumber. They imprisoned His consciousness within one of the moons surrounding the Sun.

Realizing their Father’s power was too great to contain within themselves, they forged three masks within the fires of Annona’s Prison. Ekimu bore the Mask of Creation, Makuta the Mask of Control, and Karzahni the Mask of Alternate Futures. Wearing these masks, they continued to create, control, and learn from their universe.

Over time, the three brothers were overcome with tremendous guilt and shame over their actions against their Father. After much discussion, they decided to revive Mata Nui, but they did not know how.

Karzahni suggested collecting the Nuva into a single place, so that the power could jolt the Great Spirit’s slumber. Taking the six Nuva they had made, they brought it to Mata Nui’s Coffin, killing the life on the worlds they had seized the Nuva from. When they confined the six Nuva to a single cube, the cube began to crack, forming the Nuva Symbols. The energy rushed out onto the island that had formed on Mata Nui’s Coffin, which the brother’s named Artakha, translating to “Seat of Power”.

Makuta suggested creating intelligent life in the Coffin, so that they could subjugate it to their will and try to awaken their Father with the combined efforts of Titans and creatures. And so the Matoran were formed, bestowed with intelligent minds to look into how to revive Mata Nui. Rahi were also formed, in order for the Matoran to utilize in however they saw fit.

Ekimu saw what little effect these plans had and decided to give the Matoran sentience and free will. Makuta objected to the idea, but Karzahni was intrigued. Reluctantly, Makuta agreed, under the condition that it would only occur once. Ekimu filled the Matoran with sentience and free will, and the Matoran began to form six civilizations to represent the Nuva: Mangaia of Fire, Naho of Water, Kanae of Air, Motari of Sand, Tiro of Earth, and Ihu of Ice.

Once the arguments of Ekimu and Makuta had died down, Karzahni went behind their backs and formed a seventh civilization from within the six, a seventh Nuva from the six: the Nuva of Lightning. Wrongfully accusing Ekimu of betrayal, Makuta lashed out in anger, and the War of Three Brothers was waged.

From the bloodshed and destruction, the six Nuva of the brothers filled six champions with their power to fight and defeat the Titans. These champions, named Toa, fought and defeated Karzahni and Makuta. Makuta’s embodiment was destroyed, while Karzahni was imprisoned. Ekimu, seeing the power of the Nuva, fled into the cosmos, abandoning his brothers and Father.

Unbeknownst to the Nuva and Matoran, this rebellion, this outflow of elemental power, caused Mata Nui to sink deeper into His slumber. And thus, Mata Nui began to die.

The images for the Three Brothers are LDDs by @RAKRONDEWL.


First of all, very nicely done my friend.
The relationship between Mata Nui and sons reminds me of a mix of Greek mythology and Tolkien’s Silmarillion, I really like that.

As far as the Nuva go, I think Ekimu’s should be Wind and Water, as water is usually associated with life/creation. Karzahni’s Earth and Stone, as sand is as ever changing as his visions. Makuta’s as the kinetic Nuva’s, works perfectly to me.

Annona may need some development, right now she doesn’t seem that necessary, especially since she is essentially dead.

I think maybe the seventh Nuva could be born of the other six. Cubes have seven sides if you count the inside as one. This could have been Karzahni’s plan along when suggesting the Nuva Cube.

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Definite work in progress. She’s the “primordial evil” trope older than all other evils, if that makes sense.

Fixed, somewhat. Still in progress, a bit.

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Oh boy, these are a lot of super interesting ideas. I generally like creations myths, as most have similar elements. However stemming from different ‘religions’, they all have their unique flavours. This one is no exception. But I still have a problem with this one. I always liked Bionicle as a ‘contained’ story, where it is about mystery and exploration (in location, story and characters). Things like creation myths, politics are very concreet and leave nothing left for the imagination. For me often less is more.

Nevertheless as a creation story good pitch, as something for a bionicle story (which is still at its heart an advertisement for kids, however does not mean we can’t enjoy it ^^) I would not include it.


That’s why I wrote this. It’s because the full picture isn’t shown that I can write and speculate about the origins of the Titans and the Nuva, as well as open up the idea of mystery Nuva that have not been discovered. The portion on Annona [work in progress] could open up the idea of other worlds populated by her corrupt visions, populated by powerful monsters and powerful civilizations.

I know this probably won’t be canonized (I hope it is, but it won’t be), which is why it’s just a pitch. Since I’m not the chief authority on the message board, I can only write as a means of introducing new ideas for people to work off of.

Aside from that, thanks for the appreciation :slight_smile:


This pitch was pretty good, the introduction of Annona was unexpected, unsure if that’s something we’d do but Annona as a character would certainly be an interesting direction to move towards if our hypothetical G3 were to live on past 6 years.

The Mata-Nui father relationship seems to be a popular one. At the moment, we won’t be introducing anything like that in our story, however for expanded universe ideas (past a 6 year story) it could work.

The one thing I really like here is the idea of the brothers creating their masks as a container for the powers they stole. I think that’s a really creative explanation for why masks exist in the first place, as vessels to channel the power through, and that it started all the way back to the Great Beings using them to control Mata-Nui’s power. It’s certainly not canon to our story, but I think it might be my personal head canon.


This pitch was inspired by @RAKRONDEWL and his pitch for the origins of the elemental gods, which is the link either at the bottom of the initial post in this topic or here.

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New from Bionicle: Ninjago :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did Ninjago already do this? I never followed that series.

Kind of. Basically, Garmadon and Wu are the sons of the first spinjitzu master, who created the universe. I do like the concepts presented in this, BTW.


I’ve actually thought more about Annona’s place in the story. She could act as a hidden villain throughout Brickonicle with her monstrous creations falling from the sky into the oceans of Mata Nui’s Coffin. These monsters could be encountered with their origins unknown to the Toa or the Titans.

Annona herself, I imagine, would basically be a planet-sized ball of Cthulhu (imagine a planet completely encased with tentacles, courtesy of Karzahni’s suggestion).

Annona’s Prison: The Sun, called Annona’s Prison by Mata Nui and His sons, could serve as Annona’s Prison, which is held together by the Nuva surrounding it. The Nuva have doubled as the locks to the prison, preventing Annona from escaping.

After Mata Nui is put to sleep and the six Nuva in the story are taken to His Coffin, the seal could weaken significantly but not enough for Annona to escape. Because the Nuva are placed on a single planet, Annona’s Prison is basically tethered to the Nuva by a chain, keeping her in her place.

However, this connection could be weakened during an eclipse, in which a celestial body (maybe the Moon) could obstruct the space between the Prison and the Coffin, allowing Annona to fight through the fiery plasma encasing her and gaining a foothold. Over time, the connection would deteriorate until it would finally be broken, unleashing Annona and destroying the Sun.

Not sure if this is as good as the first pitch in this discussion thread, but it could add some lore.

Wow, Ekimu is a bad guy!

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Nice. I guess I never really read it through. The ending could very well lead into an Ignition-style trilogy.

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@JediTimeLord824 Yeah, and considering the setting I have in mind (Karda Nui from this post), it could very well emulate a Year 6-7 theme (Year 6 used to locate the entrances to the temple, Year 7 to reach their final destination).