#1: Avani, Toa of Light (Biowave Project)

#The Biowave Project: The Toa Takha Rebuilt

Revived and upgraded, the Toa Takha have been tasked with retrieving the legendary Mask of Life, which once again poses an imminent threat to the Matoran. But a new Toa team shares the same mission, and neither one is willing to hand it over - not without a fight.

#Part 1: Avani, Toa of Light

Avani may not be the strongest Toa, but he is arguably the most charismatic. Using his exemplary leadership skills and massive intellect, this Toa of Light aims to bring out the strength in others, all the while exhausting his enemies with tactical or defensive maneuvers.

See Avani’s original build here.


The Toa Takha return in the latest installment in the Biowave Project’s series of sets. With more polished builds and distinct themes, these new Toa aim to improve upon the project’s original Toa building system.

Name: Avani
Element: Light
Theme: The Sentinel
Weapons: Spear of Light, shield
Main Adversary: Kalama
Approximate Parts Count: 180
Functions: Independently swinging arms
Inspiration: Kopaka Uniter (shield design), 2016 Creatures (functions)
Acknowledgements: Promotional poster by @Xeros610

###Kalama vs. Avani: Who Wins?

  • Avani
  • Kalama

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Avani is a very defensive fighter, and as such takes on the theme of the Sentinel. While his build somewhat parallels his main adversary’s, he is ultimately more skilled and experienced than Kalama.

Weapons Stored:

Check out the video below to see the set being built:

Thumbnail by @Xeros610, music by @Cazapar


Avani features two functions: one in each arm, operated by levers on the back.

While the shield arm swings forward, creating a bashing motion; the spear arm swings vertically.

Check out the video below to see these functions in action:

Thumbnail by @Xeros610, music by @Cazapar

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##The Biowave Project - a Bionicle Community Initiative

The Biowave Project is a community initiative bringing talented members of the Bionicle community together to develop sets, art and narrative content for an expanded Generation 1 storyline.

##Announcing the Biowave Monthly MOC Programme

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I love all the gold painting.


Another well rounded Toa. I was a little worried that the design of the gearbox would make his torso too blocky, but having seen the MOC from all angles I find it blends in well.

Avani takes the best elements from Toa of both generations and merges them into a relatively cohesive form, one that isn’t weighed down by its own functions and is visually pleasing.

Regarding the gear function, I like the idea of both arms acting independently of one another: one is swinging his sword and another is using the shield to smack opponents.

My one issue is the way those Bohrok eyes are arranged on the backs of his legs. The way they expand downwards feels unnatural. Otherwise this is a very collected and well designed figure.


Love how it looks. The arm functions are really cool as well.

Wow. You’re amazing Hazash. The paint job and build are just awesome. Can’t wait for the rest.

I like the painted parts and I appreciate that the two functions are both creative and very different from each other. However, the function leaves little opportunity to give the back of the MOC armor, which is a shame, but it is a very minor critique.

Still think that the golden paint turned out really well. Also great functions again, and he can even store his weapons!

Come to think of it the back of the torso could maybe have benefitted from some white parts, but from the front everything looks pretty perfect.

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Incredibly solid construction. I’d like to have a MOC of my own like this one.

This looks amazing
I can’t wait to see the next ones

Prepare yourself :wink:


I am stunned by the torso build! How?!

I don’t think you realise how much i love bionicle polearms spears,halberds I haven’t seen any bec-de-corbins yet though.

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