The Element Lord of Jungle


“At first glance, Tarduk thought he might have been made of plants. He was tall and green, with thorns jutting out from his arms and legs and intertwined roots crisscrossing his chest. His eyes were an emerald so dark they were almost black. His arms were long, with thick vines wrapped around them, and more thorns served as his claws. Even his sword looked like it was a green and growing thing, though sharp and deadly.”

Hi everyone!

This is my iteration of the Element Lord of Jungle, former ruler of the Jungle Tribe, in continuation of my project to bring to life all six (or seven) Element Lords. This guy was a lot of fun to design, despite the limited picture references from All Our Sins Remembered, I am thankful Greg described him so clearly in Riddle of the Great Beings.

I tried to make him look just as organic as he was described, while also clearly being a member of the BIONICLE world. Shoutout to @Rothanak for the awesome helmet design. Admittedly, I didn’t paint his mout reddish pink, as it looked, well, kind of gross, so I opted for the bright green/dark green marbled look.

Hope you like him, and please leave any thoughts or criticism below!

Element Lord of Fire: The Element Lord of Fire

Element Lord of Rock: The Element Lord of Rock


This is sick.


@Droconis Thanks, always appreciate the praise!


Like the sword


@Kamoranova5 Thank you! I know I’m reusing Gresh’s, but it was a natural choice.