Ga-Koro Boat (MNOG Project)

The MNOG Project: Ga-Koro Boat

While creating content for my next Bionicle MOC project, I decided to recreate one of the Ga-Koro boats found in the Mata Nui Online Games, with some added features and functions.

(For more information on the MNOG Project, head to the bottom of this post.)

DISCLAIMER: Some pieces on this MOC were not released in the intended colour. As such, I had to make do with what was available (I wasn't willing to paint them). Please be aware of this before you criticise particular elements for their colour.


This reimagining of the original boat design retains most of its original elements, including the motors and the cargo hold.

Turning this into an actual set meant that some alterations were required (including changes to the shape of the bow). I also had to change the original colour scheme to fit with what colours were available.


I used System tiles to cover up the platform. Due to not being attached to bricks, they're a bit wobbly.

Removing the tiles, you can see how I attached them via pins..


It was pretty tricky to find a good design for the motors, but I ended up sticking with this one.

Remember to take note of that disclaimer before you criticise the colours used here.

Here's the boat without them, for those interested.

Cargo Hold:

I'm assuming that's what this thing at the back was, though I'm not entirely sure.

The cargo hold is easily detached as shown below:

Here's the boat when the cargo hold is detached.

Under the Hood:

Here's a look at what probably pushed this MOC's price into the triple digits.

This giant Technic framework is what holds the entire boat together.
You'll also notice the gears, which are used for this set's function (see below).

New Additions


I had one of those rare 'Why not?' moments.
(Must resist urge to make 'Love isn't cannon' pun. Oh wait...)

Steering Wheel:

It didn't make much sense for this thing to not have one so I threw it in there.
The steering wheel then evolved into being part of the gear function.


I don't want to spoil anything, but these things might just be linked up to that steering wheel for some reason...

Gear Function

Continuing my trend of giving everything a gear function...

I apologise for the darkness of this video. It was pretty tedious trying to set this video up.


As this post is a prelude to the rest of the MNOG Project, I thought I'd give you a glimpse of what's coming next.

Introducing Ga-Koro's resident 'boat people'

All three of these Matoran appear in the MNOG games, and are the first of many to be featured in the MNOG Project.

Pelagia - Sailor

Kai - Sailor

Marka - Shipwright

Just a closer look at Kai's telescope and Marka's box of useless cargo.

Bonus Images

The boat as originally designed in LDD (minus a few tiles because of some weird glitch).


Follow the links to view the other entries into the project:

22/07 - Ga-Koro Boat
03/08 - #1: Kolhii Players & Primary Characters
06/08 - #2: Ta-Matoran
10/08 - #3: Ga-Matoran
13/08 - #4: Po-Matoran
17/08 - #5: Le-Matoran
20/08 - #6: Ko-Matoran
24/08 - #7: Onu-Matoran
27/08 - #8: Biowave & Bonus Content
12/09 - Onu-Koro Elevator

Next Time: Kolhii Players & Primary Characters

The Biowave Project - a Community Initiative

I and a few other members of the Bionicle community are currently developing content for an expanded G1 storyline, which includes MOCs and a webcomic series covering events following the defeat of Makuta Teridax.

The Biowave Project Website is now live.

All of our work for the project will be archived on the site.

Along with project and set overviews, you'll find several new entries into the Story section:

Looking for an Artist

Our previous lead artist was unable to continue working on the webcomic series due to a lack of free time.
If anyone is interested in producing the first episode of the series (i.e. drawing and writing each frame), please contact me.
Whether you're set on fulfilling the role or not, please don't hesitate to ask about the project and the work required.

It is highly desirable that you:

  • Have existing artwork to show to us,
  • Have a reasonable amount of free time to commit to the project,
  • Can utilise an art style that closely resembles the following (or that is simple, such as the MNOG style):

Our previous artist's style: inspired by the movies' aesthetic, and by the MNOG art style.



it's cool, but I don't think that the shaping looks too much like the boat. imo it looks more like a raft.

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This is really cool! It definitely looks alot like the boat in MNOG.

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Very well done, I like the steering wheel.

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This is awesome!

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Absolutely fantastic. It manages to look accurate enough to what it's based off all the while having a great function.


Whoa, that's rad! I love how you incorporated gears and everything!

I wish I could build one. It'd probably set me back a hundred dollars or so, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks awesome. I only feel like the rail could be a little higher, but still. It captures the look of the "original" very nicely.

As to your G1 story continuing project: I would really like to help out - but unfortunately the Brotherhood of Makuta project takes up all of my creative energies and time right now, so I can't.

However, since you're looking for MOCists, I would be willing to allow you to use my Rahi MOCs if you want them/ need some (they don't have any functions, but I feel like they fit in into G1 very well):

My Rahi MOCs - More Wildlife for the Matoran Universe (altogether 7 in the topic, you'll have to scroll down a bit)

MOC Dermis Dragon

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Brosif, I love that boat. Memories are Coming back. I also love your idea for the continuation of G1, but I'm also worried. You will have to tread very carefully, these fans are VERY zealous. I wish I could help but if you were to read the beginning of my story you probably wouldn't want it. I wish you well with your project.

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@Spider-Ven needs to cover this ASAP.


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looks awesome, I would have loved it much more if it was green, but just for the mnog1 nostalgia

good luck with the project

If you look closely at the 2nd picture you can see a skrall shield,
all jokes aside this is amazing

it's amazing

Oh, I didn't see that.
I'm a Meme...

I love this so much!

This boat was one of the coolest things in MNOG to me and I've always wanted to see it brought to life. I love how the steering wheel has gears leading up to it implying that the entire thing is very mechanical. Also the harpoon gun you added looks great.

Very well done!

"Yep, it's defiantly a skrall shield"

THis is some sort of meme, isn't it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job by the way.

FTFY, and yes, it is a Meme.

Looks straight out of the game......... SKRALL SHIELD

Skrall shield! dead ahead