"Chroma Key"

“This reality simple won’t do. Let’s give it a rearrangement. Maybe you’ll even be good for something in this one.”–“Chroma Key”

The Dark Hunters will try to gain every advantage they can, by any means deemed necessary. To this end, many of their members have been lost or made less useful. Be it attempting to have undead loyal subjects or Visorak Venom, the experiments are vast. And some times the experiment is a bit too dangerous for their own, opting to kidnap random beings. Though sometimes it would be a better Destiny to not survive them.

General Body:


Code name: “Chroma Key”

Real Name: Unknown

Species: Lariska’s Species

Gender: Female

Kanohi: None

Powers and Weapons: “Chroma Key” can create/access a pocket dimension that allows her to change and control the environment within to a limited degree. Inside, it generally looks white and blank until “Chroma Key” changes it to look like something else. Such as a rain forest in which she can command the plants and animals to attack whatever being she brought with her.

To the outside world when this is created, it is an invisible cube/box of varying sizes and anything inside said box is also invisible to the outside world. However, Rode users and sonar can detect it as well as anyone that happens to accidentally bump into the box. With enough strength or damage, the box can be destroyed and return anyone inside back to main reality. A Pakari user can easily destroy this box in a single blow.

In addition, anything placed within the pocket dimension itself can only exist as long as she is actively using the power. When she stops, it is no longer there, and anything that was inside is simply dumped back out from where it was originally encased.

Outside of the pocket dimension, “Chroma Key” is an illusionist, able to create images without projecting it into someone’s mind. However, the range of this isn’t great and can only affect a smaller area around her. She can summon Rahi from her pocket dimension to fight with her, but the most powerful Rahi she can call are regular Manas-tier and they can only remain within the small area as her illusions.

The only physical weapon “Chroma Key” has is a simple sword.

Personality: Loyal, “Chroma Key” lacks much of a personality of her own. Though she has been known to be slightly bitter at times and randomly confused as to where she is.

Background: Her life prior to the Dark Hunters in unknown, but as with Lariska, it is assumed to be a harsh one with constant need for survival. It would seem however that she failed in this, as “Chroma Key” was captured by the Dark Hunters at an unknown point in time and experimented upon. The Dark Hunters were in need of a new prison, for as good as their dungeons were, they could only hold so powerful a being. And as the universe grew more powerful and dangerous, other means were necessary to hold them. To this end, they found a suitable pocket dimension that could form whatever prison they wished and, perhaps, even brainwash prisoners to their side. All they needed someone to harness that power.

To this end, they captured her as a test subject. If she survive and was able to do what they wanted, she would be killed and the experimented repeated on a more suitable host. The experiment went…a bit off. Her powers were close to what they wanted, but like poor old Sentrakh, she lost all she was. Having seen this one too many times, “The Shadowed One” called off any further experiments for this project and instead focus on turning the survivor into a new loyal Dark Hunter.

Due to the constraints of her powers, she was not used as a living jailer. Instead, she was to be an assassin. Make it appear as to the outside world that nothing was going wrong while killing the target inside her box. Or if a mission required minimal damage to the surrounding area, containing the threat within until defeated. Though with her powers, it was decided that “Absent” would be her permanent partner, as she could manipulate reality just enough to find him. However, the rascal took advantage of her confusion, leading to him sleeping on the job even more. To this end, “Ersatz” would be assigned to keep both of them straight on their missions.

Dark Hunter Project Status:

“Absent” - Built
“All-Star” - Built
“Annalist” - Built
“Bitter Cold” - Built
“Birdkeeper” - Built
“Bothrok–Koaal” - Built
“Chroma Key” - Built
“Depleted” - Built
“Disarm” - Built
“Doodler” - Built
“Ersatz” - Built
“Firewall” - Built
“Hatred” - Built
“Herald” - Built
“Hints” - Built
“Ignominious” - Built
“Mask Maker” - Built
“Name Rater” - Built
“Native” & “Primitive” - Built
“NPC” - Built
“Revamp” - Built
“Silhouette” - Built (outdated description in link)
“Special” - Built
“The Mechanic” - Built
“Toll” - Built
“Wishing Well” - Built


Those colors and the shaping don’t really fit

There are some distinct proportion issues with this one, the head is too tall and the neck too skinny for an otherwise chunky bruiser. And I cant help but notice that the elbows are extremely limited in range of motion. But aside from those issues, the moc looks pretty good! The body has a very heavy armor look, and i really appreciate the bell bottom jeans. The weapon looks a little small though, perhaps it would look better as a sort of underarm attachment?(think assassins creed, but other side of the arm) And there really should be two of them.

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Oh? How so?


Yes, the neck/head is a bit of a problem and ended up going with this compromise instead of restructuring the entire torso. As for the weapon, it’s suppose to seem fairly pathetic as she relies primarily on her powers. Within her pocket dimension, that weapon could be anything, but in reality it is quite sad.

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The green and blue don’t mesh well with the shaping. Plus those shoulders do not look good in my opinion.