"Bothrok--Koaal" (and Bohrok Val)

And so the mission continues.

Code name: “Bothrok-Koaal”

Real name: Unknown

Species: One-of-a-kind. Toa Bohrok-Kal humanoid

Gender: Unknown, assumed to be male.

Kanohi/Krana-Kal: Kiril/Za-Kal

Appearance: Mainly a dark green and black, with some more silvery colored grey and red eyes. His head is like that of a Bohrok, though the top is mainly covered in the solid silvery grey that the Bohrok-Kal have. In the clear part, one can see the face have of a Toa wearing some strange, creepy organic and inorganic mask. Even by biomechanical standards, he’s far more mechanical than he should be. More disturbingly, it appears the mechanical portions are constantly at war with the organics, seeking to convert them entirely. When his Bohrok Val aren’t doing anything, they fuse to his body.

Powers and Abilities: “Bothrok-Koaal” has powers of Acid, Vacuum, Gravity, and Laser Vision. He channeled the former three through the shields covering his hand and the latter one through his insectoid eyes. His acid was just as potent as the Lehvak. With his Kanroahi, he is able to communicate with his Bohrok Val telepathically to give them commands and repair them if damaged. Similarly, if a being is forced to wear one of his unique Krana, they fall under his control.

Personality: “Bothrok-Koaal” is a tactical thinker, preferring to use the Bohrok Val to scout areas ahead first and perform swift group assaults against enemies. While to other hunters he appears to not care for the well-being of his minions, he secretly cares deeply for them. Should they be damaged or in danger, he might just blow the entire mission to ensure they’re alright. However, he only cares about himself and the Bohrok Val. Everyone else should except death by his hands; merciless and ruthless death should you dare harm the Bohrok Val.

The creature himself:

Inside the Head:

Now the mask is supposed to be the Kiril, but I do not have that in silver. There’s also supposed to be a Krana “fused” with the mask, but none of the Krana pieces liked to stick on any of the masks I was trying. There’s still a Krana there, just underneath the mask instead of on top. Oh well.

On another note, there should be the Ice Pick/Bohrok teeth piece in those empty slots in the front of his face as well, but turns out I used all the ones I had in the images below. Whoops.

Minions/Bohrok Val: “Bothrok-Koaal” has six minions known as the Bohrok Val, which obey his every command. The Bohrok Val were specialized designed Bohrok Va, made just for the monstrous beast, and gifted the powers of Kal. However, for them the powers of Kal granted access to the primary elements rather than the unique abilities possessed by the Bohrok-Kal. These elemental powers are stronger than Turaga, but weaker than Toa. They are designed to still carry and launch Krana, but these versions are specially created to give their master control rather than the Queens. If need by, they are capable of creating Kanroahi and replace “Bothrok-Koaal’s” should it be removed. They are also have been known to turn into a Bohrok Val Nui.

Tahnok Val/“Flame”: The leader of the Bohrok Val when “Bothrok-Koaal” isn’t around, Tahnok Val can be a little reckless and hot headed, but isn’t stupid. He realized that it would be in his best interest long ago to be just as loyal to “The Shadowed One” as he is to “Bothrok-Koaal”. As gifted by the Queens, he is the fastest of the Bohrok Val and can channel his element of Fire through his mouth or Empowered Fire Staff. If he stomps the end of his staff against the ground it causes mini volcanoes to erupt.

Gahlok Val/“Hook”: Though not the fastest of the Bohrok Val, Gahlok Val is certainly the most determined as he won’t stop until the job is done. He is one out of the only two of the Bohrok Val that can swim. He can channel his element of Water through his mouth or his Hook Anchor. Despite the hook’s size, Gahlok Val can toss it at incredible speeds, snatching would be runaways and tie them up with its chain. When underwater, Gahlok Val can twirl the Hook Anchor to generate dangerous whirlpools that can pull entire ships down under.

“Get over here!”

Lehvak Val/“Katana”: Because of Lehvak Val’s loud nature, he is mainly used as a distraction or bait than a scout unlike the rest of the Bohrok Val. He is quite a slippery fellow and no obstacle seems to be able to slow him down. He is the second and last of the Bohrok Val that can swim, but not as well as Gahlok Val. He can spit acid from his mouth or channel it through his full sized Katanas. If he slams the blades of his katanas together, they release a sonic blast that shoots forward from it.

Pahrak Val/“Hammer”: Slow, but strong, Pahrak Val is the “cheerleader” of the Bohrok Val. Always looking on the bright side of things and motivating the others to finish the job quickly. He can channel his element of Stone through is mouth or his War Sledge Hammer. His War Sledge Hammer can also be used to amplify telepathic communication and to locate “Bothrok-Koaal” and the other Bohrok Val.

*Builder’s Notes: Yes, his eyes should be green, but it turns out I didn’t have that part. Just pretend they’re green.

Nuhvok Val/“Claw”: A scaredy cat or just a good listener, you decide. Nuhvok Val is the ■■■■■■■■■■■ and best information broker out of the Bohrok Val. Always hiding in the shadows, underground, or in tight places, he is very hard to find or notice to the untrained eye. Though his marks in the dirt or signs of digging sometimes gives him away. Having increased hearing, he can hear the quietest of whispers and voices many Bios away. Though it can be a weakness as loud or sonic attacks hurt him, so he normally stays away from Lehvak Val. The combination of his stealth skills and hearing makes him a great infiltrator and spy. He can channel his element of Earth through his mouth or his Drill Claws. The Drill Claws are his hands and has jackhammer drills as the last unit of the fingers to allow him to dig much faster. He can now burrow about half the speed of the Nuhvok.

*Builder’s Notes: Yes, not the most accurate depiction of the claws. Kind of hard to do with the scale I’ve got here. Though perhaps just the old claws in silver would have been more accurate, but using them seemed a bit lazy.

Kohrak Val/“Pick”: Certainly the tallest of the Bohrok Val, Kohrak Val carries himself with great pride, so much so that he slides almost everywhere instead of walking. This is due to the fact that he makes thin black ice, allowing him to travel faster. Whereas Nuhvok Val is good at stealth, Kohrak Val is great at camouflage. He has no need for darkness as he can disguise himself or hide in bright light was well as in the dark. He has hearing close to Nuhvok Val’s, but is immune to sonic attacks. Though he is the biggest chicken out of the Bohrok Val and will hide in the ground with his head showing if he thought there were too many enemies or too powerful for him to fight. He is known as the best climber of the Bohrok Val. He, like the rest of the Bohrok Val, channels his element of Ice through his mouth and his Greater Ice Picks. His Greater Ice Picks can make enemies’ lungs fill with water and absorb their heat.

Family Photo:

Story/Background: In another reality far from this one, an Av-Matoran was destined to become a single Toa; a bizarre fusion along with a Ga- and Ce-Matoran. She did not possess enough Toa Power within herself to become a Toa, as neither did the other two. Only when all three were called together and formed a powerful fusion where they able to become this destined Toa of virtue.

This is not that reality however and things took a different turn. The Av-Matoran still possessed this destiny to become a shared Toa, but for some reason was never summoned. Destiny defaulted to the Bohrok transformation as time had pass far too long for the call. However, the transformation energies activated what little Toa Power was left in her and created this abomination. Part Toa, part Bohrok; part alive and part dead; the Bahrag Queens had quite the interesting specimen.

Unfit for regular duties, the Queens experimented on the freak, granting the powers of Kal. Should the need ever arise, and should the Bohrok-Kal fail, then this being would be the final line of defense. And to aid it, they crafted specialized Bohrok Va units, mutating them as they did with the Bohrok-Kal for additional aid. For if the Bohrok-Kal did fail, perhaps the Bohrok Va were not good enough for them.

What the Queens could not anticipate however, was the mind of that old Matoran. It was still somewhat there, fused in the head space of the Krana. Eventually, this bore a madness that not even the Queens could control, resulting in it escaping. Escaping into Metru Nui, during the heart of the Toa-Dark Hunter war.

The Toa of course instantly assumed such a monster must be with the Dark Hunters and attacked. And to his surprise, Dark Hunters came to his aid and managed to push back the Toa, just enough to escape. Grateful, he pledged his service to his new king, “The Shadowed One.” During his time with the hunters, he would become rivals with “Kraata-Kal”, whom he saw as a more vile disgrace to the Bohrok Swarms. Though from that slug’s frequent punishments, he learned just how dangerous his new king could be and thus should never upset him.

Occasionally “Bothrok-Koaal” and/or the Bohrok Val would perform small raids in the Bohrok Hives, stealing Krana (or materials to make them). “Bothrok-Koaal” would eventually take many of the shields stored there and add them to his own power. At some point, some of the Bohrok Val were severely damaged and required replacements parts, much to “Bothrok-Koaal’s” distress and performed future missions more carefully. At some point, he gave each of the Bohrok Val their own little codenames to match his own.

Final Builder Notes: And that’s “Bothrok–Koaal”! Yes, I know the creature himself is a bit skeletal, as I originally was intended to add the Bohrok Val to him. However, I liked the guys a little too much and don’t want to take them apart quite yet. For similar reasons, I have not attempted to build their Nui form.

That said, I still might not attempt it when I do take them apart. It is more of a side thing, most of the character is complete. Perhaps I’ll come back to it later when I want to challenge myself.

Bohrok Va meets his edgier older brother.

On another note, which of the Bohrok Val is your favorite? By default, “Katana” is my favorite since Lehvak Va is my favorite of the originals. He’s just so cute and adorable with those little swords. Though “Hook” takes a very, very close second for me, which I did not expect going into this.

Dark Hunter Project Status:

“All-Star” - Built
“Annalist” - Built
“Chroma Key”
“Bitter Cold” - Redoing
“Bothrok–Koaal” - Built
“Disarm” - Built
“Mask Maker”
“Name Rater”
“Native” & “Primitive”
“NPC” - Built
“Silhouette” - Built (outdated description in link)
“The Mechanic” - Built
“Wishing Well”


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