The Dark Hunters will take everyone and anyone into their ranks, should they prove useful. Mutated freaks, broken minds, wanderers, and even their heroic enemies like the Toa. But what of the most despised? Surely, not even they would take in a mistake of the Great Beings?

You underestimate “The Shadowed One” if you think that.

General Body:

Close Ups & Extras:


Code name: “Hatred”

Real name: Unknown

Species: Zyglak (mutated)

Gender: Male

Kanohi: None

Abilities and Weapons: “Hatred” still possesses many of the same abilities of his kin: an immunity to mutagen, impervious to elemental powers, a plague carrier, and spears that destroy anything they touch once thrown. Though unlike his kin, “Hatred’s” mutation has cursed him with an odd version of Anger. Under more calm days, which are rare, the power acts similar to that of the Makuta, able to send thus struck by it into a mad frenzy until they wear themselves to death. Under normal circumstances, his own burning rage perverts the power into a burning red energy. Others compare it to a strange combination of Heat and Laser Vision, swift moving and sears through foes. Though it can take on physical shapes such as spears and daggers. If it can do any other forms, it has not been seen. Aside from this, the mutation had made him immune to hypnosis, twice as strong as other Zyglak, multiple crushing tentacles, and a secondary head to consume targets.

Personality: Just like other Zyglak, “Hatred” has extreme hatred towards Matoran, “The Shadowed One”, and those who follow Mata Nui, but hates the Matoran above all. His superb violence and savagery is one of the reasons he’s kept off of Odina, but it makes him good at his job. Strangely, his most hated element is Ice and highly dislikes anyone with hypnosis powers. Prefers missions that involve Matoran, but “The Shadowed One” ‘taught’ him to accept any mission he is given. Also known to highly enjoy eating spine slugs.

Background: In days long past, “Hatred” was once the leader of a pack of Zyglak. For reasons unknown, they managed to make their way near the island of Odina. It was not long until they find themselves in battle with the Dark Hunters. And as dangerous and powerful as they Zyglak were, they were limited in number, eventually all were slaughtered. All except the leader, whom they were ordered to capture.

“The Shadowed One” had plans for this mistake, having been experimenting with Krana in attempts to use them to control his hunters absolutely. And if the face parasite could control something as beastly as a Zyglak, then they could control the rest. So when he was brought before “The Shadowed One,” a Krana exposed to Visorak Venom was placed on him. As the parasite’s madness started to seep in, the mistake burst into a violent rage and managed to get the Krana off his face by eating it. Perhaps it was how freshly mutated the Krana was, or something else, the Zyglak mutated into what is simply called “Hatred.”

Yet, despite this, it somewhat worked. “The Shadowed One” gained some control over “Hatred” and placed him within the ranks of the Dark Hunters. Between his plagues and habit of killing over hunters, almost regardless of punishments, “Hatred” has since been banished from Odina. Now he typically remains in the waters surrounding the island, lying in wait to kill those who come by. Or for new missions, for which he should obey, least face worse consequences.

Dark Hunter Project Status:

“Absent” - Built
“All-Star” - Built
“Annalist” - Built
“Chroma Key”
“Bitter Cold” - Built
“Bothrok–Koaal” - Built
“Disarm” - Built
“Ersatz” - Built
“Hatred” - Built
“Mask Maker” - Built
“Name Rater”
“Native” & “Primitive”
“NPC” - Built
“Silhouette” - Built (outdated description in link)
“The Mechanic” - Built
“Toll” - Built
“Wishing Well”


Ooooh, interesting. I like how you’ve expanded on the Zyglak concept. However, the colours are starting to feel very muddled. It’s hard to tell what’s going on.

Check out how @Sokoda adapted the Zyglak in his System revamp:

White head, red torso (with sparse light blue highlights, dark blue lower body and black feet (with silver flaws). Grouping your colours more consistently will do so much to clean up the entire MOC.


This is easily one if the best combo model revamps I have ever seen!


Honestly–and I don’t mean to be a hater–this just looks super cluttered. I can’t tell how the legs are supposed to go, the colors aren’t balanced out, it just looks like a jumbled mess of parts clapped together for its own sake. There’s some really fun design elements here, like adding a head on the tail; but, ultimately, it doesn’t look cohesive.

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I have used–if not ever single species/race–almost every single race in Gen1 Bionicle for one character or another. Zyglak was one of the earlier ones since I felt bad for them, given their general lack of use.

As for the build…I was going to blame my camera, which is part of the issue, but I definitely see your point. It looks a bit less cluttered to me in person, but should have done more to make it visually easier to see on my little camera. I’ll keep it more actively in mind in the next ones.

While I definitely appreciate you like it so much, but, my dude, there is so much you need to see! Take this Zyglak revamp by The_Wanderer

Easily blows “Hatred” out of the water. Though on another note, he’s technically not a revamp…Well…Hm. Where would he fall under? He’s supposed to be a mutated member of the Zyglak, so he’ll look similar as a result…And revamps are…I’ll have to come back to this thought.

I don’t take negativity or dislikes as hate, merely learning experiences if the reasons given are well thought out. And I say you have taken the time to write out a decent explanation as the problems found within this MOC.

Admittedly, the legs are the weakest part. I ultimately was unsure of what direction to go or how close to stay to the original in that area. I definitely didn’t want to make them straight, but didn’t want to completely reuse the combiner model design.

Though on one hand, it not entirely being cohesive is a bit of the point. Not to say it’s an excuse for it being difficult to make it, that’s in-cohesive gone too far. It’s just to say that Zyglak are mistakes and freaks, and “Hatred” is one mutated even further. So he’s going to lack cohesion to a certain degree, just perhaps too far in this instance.


Now that you mention it, the original Zyglak’s colors were super unbalanced, too, making it look more like a Frankensteinicle, if such a thing may be said to exist. So, yeah, making it look more like it’s a mashed-together mistake makes perfect sense for the character and species; this particular design just makes it hard to pick out where one bit ends and another starts. Still, it successfully comes across as “omega Zyglak,” save for that dinky-■■■ trident.

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