“Depleted…must feed…energy…Energy. ENERGY! RAWHLLL!!!”–“Depleted” violently attacking his next meal.

Even the Dark Hunters question how and why some of their members got to be part of their organization. And none are more questioned about this than their tree, “Depleted.” If even the trees are let in, what’s next? An evil bush vine that can destroy cities?

General Body:

Designer’s Notes:
As you’ll see in the profile below, along with a hyper link, this character is supposed to be a mutated Vuata Maca. Specifically of the version that is dying. If you don’t know what that is, I don’t blame you, but here is the images I was trying to replicate.

Now, the MOC here is what I would call a the small/mini-version of “Depleted”. Because his mouth hole should be large enough to swallow a Toa and it can’t even fit a Kanohi inside. He’s also one I’ve been dreading to do, because…well, you can see the image. How are you supposed to build that out of Gen1 Bionicle parts? I think I came to a decent compromise, but definitely looking for some suggestions on improvements.

Yes, I probably should have built him out of System instead. That would have been a lot easier to do. Or have someone draw him or just alter the image above, but where’s the challenge in that?


Code name: “Depleted”

Real Name: Unknown

Species: Sentient, mutated Vuata Maca Tree

Gender: N/A

Appearance: “Depleted” looks like a dying Vuata Maca Tree, but much bigger than the ones seen on the island of Mata Nui. When it has its eyes open there are two holes just above the main large hole near the bottom. The three holes are very dark, like a bottomless pit.

Powers and Abilities: “Depleted” drains people’s energy by just touching them and is able to feed on their corpses. Sometimes it spits out the indigestible parts at enemies, but it doesn’t always come out from its mouth. He can create Bula berries that drain energy upon contact and a variation of Madu fruit which it throws at targets. It is also capable of creating and controlling larger and regular sized Daikau to attack opponents. “Depleted” can also have its branches whip or constrict those that get near it. It has been known that Vuata Maca Crystals can hurt “Depleted,” but not revert him back into a normal tree.

Personality: “Depleted” is always hungry and looking for a new victim to feed on. Though it is sentient and has intelligence, its hunger overrides almost everything else it does. But can be surprisingly patient for its next meal and possibly a bit shy, as it always tries to never be seen when it moves locations. Seldom talks even though it can.

Background: When in comparison to the numerous other Dark Hunter, “Depleted” is far younger and has only been with them for the past one thousand years. Most don’t even know what he is other than some sort of tree, a kind that they have never encountered before. But how it came into their ranks is well remembered.

A couple of hunters were sent off on a mission to assassinate some lowly Turaga, but never returned. More hunters were sent and they also did not return. After losing dozens of hunters, “The Shadowed One” decided he must go himself and see what has been causing this disruption. When he came to the island, he found what was a seemingly dead or dying tree surrounded and entangled in the corpses of his hunters. His entourage dismissed it, thinking the one behind the murders just left them here, but “The Shadowed One” was not so unwise. He noticed something the others did not, approached it, and caused it to scream before speaking to it. What he said was too low for them to hear, but he convinced this tree that it was in its best interest to serve him. And so it did.

What even veteran hunters believe less, however, are the tales of “Depleted” moving. There are several who claim that the tree can get up and change locations, all on its own. While it is true that “Depleted” has gone to more than one place, few have seen him move. But those who have, if their mind lacked a strong enough constitution, were driven to insanity from the sight. Even if their mind was strong enough, they would suffer from nightmares of it for months to come Which is why some dismiss it, as very few beings are claimed to have their minds survive, “The Shadowed One” being the most prominent. Though it is others who claim his survival, never the leader himself.

“Deplete” was on Odina for a time, but his tendency to eat other Dark Hunters eventually got him banished from the island. Since then, he is usually stationed on an island for long periods of time, either to spy or attack a target when they least expect it. Currently, he is secretly stationed on the Irnseptaod’s island, both guarding its shores from pirate attacks and ensuring no Irnseptaod escapes alive to inform “Native” and “Primitive” as to the true on-goings.

Dark Hunter Project Status:

“Absent” - Built
“All-Star” - Built
“Annalist” - Built
“Bitter Cold” - Built
“Birdkeeper” - Built
“Bothrok–Koaal” - Built
“Chroma Key”
“Depleted” - Built
“Disarm” - Built
“Ersatz” - Built
“Firewall” - Built
“Hatred” - Built
“Herald” - Built
“Hints” - Built
“Ignominious” - Built
“Mask Maker” - Built
“Name Rater” - Built
“Native” & “Primitive” - Built
“NPC” - Built
“Revamp” - Built
“Silhouette” - Built (outdated description in link)
“Special” - Built
“The Mechanic” - Built
“Toll” - Built
“Wishing Well” - Built


Very cool build, but I couldn’t tell what it was until I saw the designer notes.

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Great job using mostly brown. Hard color to come by in Bionicle form

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It might not be intentional, but I like how the limbs are a slightly different color from the trunk of the tree, metru brown as opposed to Mata brown.

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Thanks, though that’s why the notes are there. It is a lesser known thing in Bionicle, so clarifications were necessary.


You are correct, it was not intentional, at least not entirely. I certainly did focus on trying to make the trunk/body all Mata Brown and then swiftly realized I didn’t have any limb pieces in that color. Figured oh well and just used the Metru parts since it wouldn’t clash horribly.


Well, if it helps, I could tell exactly what it was supposed to be.

I see what you did there.

I’d’ve gone all the way and made the mata hands on the limbs metro brown as well. If you have any, of course. It would help sell the idea that the tree is dying.

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I only had three Metru Brown hand pieces, so yes, that’s why they’re mostly of the Mata variety.